Help to end

identity-based violence

Prediction, prevention, protection & justice approaches to identity-based violence

Protection Approaches is the UK's only charity committed to ending all identity-based violence. We do this through our grassroots engagement with young people and communities, and through our work with decision and policy makers.

Identity-based violence is any act of violence where the perpetrator targets someone because of how they view their victim’s identity – perhaps because of their victim's gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious, or political affiliation. Identity-based violence encompasses hate crimes against individuals, acts of terrorism, and mass atrocities such as ethnic cleansing and genocide. Identity-based violence affects people all over the world. While its victims and the ways in which it manifests often look different, what causes and prevents identity-based violence are very often same.

We believe the responsibility to tackle identity-based violence, and the prejudice, discrimination, and marginalisation preceding such violence, stretches from local communities to global leaders.