Help to end

identity-based violence

Prediction, prevention, protection & justice approaches to identity-based violence

Every day thousands of people are violently targeted because of an aspect of their identity. It could be because of their race, religion, culture or ethnicity, their sexual orientation or gender. It could be because of their political affiliation. We call this identity-based violence (IBV). When a group of people are attacked for the same reasons we call this identity-based mass violence (IBMV) or Mass atrocity crimes. Today, around the world millions of people are living in fear of becoming victims of such crimes.

Protection Approaches defends the rights of all peoples around the world who are violently targeted because of their identity. We work with decision makers and decision shapers in order to strengthen prediction, prevention, and protection approaches to identity-based violence, particularly mass atrocity crimes worldwide. We believe that with your support the global phenomenon of identity-based violence can be brought to an end.