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identity-based violence

Dilia leads the delivery of our education program working with schools to promote positive school cultures that foster tolerance and build resilience to divisive narratives. Previously, Dilia worked on the Peace Program of the Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) in Brussels. Her work at QCEA included researching and writing the report entitled ‘Peace Education: Making the Case.’ As the co-founder of the Mostar Summer Youth Program,  an    educational    project    in    Bosnia-Herzegovina,    Dilia    has    practical

Szymon Glowacki – Youth Outreach Officer

and  Gypsy  communities  as  an  Aspiration  Project worker and Mental Health Advocate. Szymon also worked for Salford University taking part in a pilot project “Supporting Roma Voice”. Szymon earned his MA in teaching and journalism in Poland.

Andy Fearn
Andy Fearn

Dilia Zwart - Education Officer

Hugo is our Senior Policy Officer, working with Kate on our Political Engagement Strategy, as well as leading on media engagement and communications. He works towards consolidation and development of the charity’s profile and presence in Westminster, as well as delivery, development, and expansion of our flagship atrocity prevention programme.

Hugo  was  Director  of  Communications  at  Our  Future, Our Choice before

Receiving her BA in Modern History and Politics from Royal Holloway, University of London, Nasyah’s previous experience as a Policy Assistant at the British Youth Council has allowed her to actively engage in the process to elevate the voices of groups often marginalised by society. Nasyah also volunteers with the Black Cultural Archives based in Brixton and the student-led social organisation #WOKEWeekly. 

joining Protection Approaches. He has an MSc. in International Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and has previously worked in a refugee camp in Northern France, teaching English.

We will always be indebted to these people for the belief they have show in us, for their generosity and for the contribution they have made to making Protection Approaches a reality.

- John & Ann Montgomery

- The Harrison Family

- Dino Dimopoulos-Bew

- Richard and Sara Cross

experience in developing educational programming that promotes active citizenship and critical thinking about social issues. In addition, Dilia has experience in policy and research through internships at the European Parliament and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Dilia has a BA in Social Anthropology from Harvard University where her thesis research on civic participation in Bosnia-Herzegovina won two awards. She received an MA in International Studies and Diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Szymon leads on our youth outreach work engaging with young people in London to explore, highlight, and build networks to find innovative local solutions to their experiences of marginalisation, prejudice and discrimination.

Szymon`s previous experience includes working as a teacher and learning mentor in both primary and secondary school as well as working with Roma 

Hugo Lucas - Senior Policy Officer

Founding Patrons

Nasyah Bandoh - Programmes Assistant

Andy Fearn

Andy's experience includes working with the UK Home Office to lead on building community cohesion in an area of East London considered to be one of the most diverse places in the world. He has designed and managed nationwide anti-prejudice / peace-building programmes in Rwanda funded by DfID and SIDA, designed and managed a school based anti-prejudice and genocide education programme for genocide prevention NGO the Aegis Trust, and led on the development of education materials at Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

Nasyah is our Programmes Assistant and is responsible for supporting both the policy and education teams in the delivery of their various projects. Joining us in late 2019, Nasyah contributed to our 2019 Manifesto Review and continues to assist with the facilitation of our workshops in schools and in communities. 

Who We Are

Dr Simon Adams:

Executive Director - Global Centre for Responsibility to Protect

Ms Alexandra Buskie:
Programme Officer - Equitas - International Centre for Human Rights Education

Professor Cathie Carmichael:

Head of School of History –UEA | Editor of Journal of Genocide research

Professor Greg Stanton:

Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention - George Mason University | President - Genocide Watch

Dr Cristina Stefan:

Associate Professor in International Relations – University of Leeds, Co-Director the European Centre for the Responsibility to Protect
Carl Wilkens:

Founder - World Outside my Shoes  

Advisory Group

The Staff Team

Andy Fearn - Co-Executive Director, Head of Learning and Outreach

Dr Kate Ferguson - Co-Executive Director, Head of Research and Policy

Members of our informal advisory group are experts in prediction, prevention, protection and justice approaches to identity-based violence and identity-based mass violence. They have agreed to lend us their expertise and offer us advice on our projects. This helps us to ensure all our work is informed and meaningful. Please note that our advisors are not responsible or accountable for any of the work, views, or decisions of Protection Approaches.

Our Advisors:

Protection Approaches, she worked as a Policy Consultant and Political Advisor in mass atrocity prevention. Kate received her PhD from the University of East Anglia on devolved structures of identity-based violence and has an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Oxford. Kate was made inaugural Chair of Policy at the European Centre for the Responsibility to Protectin 2018.

Kate is responsible for our Political Engagement Strategy, which includes developing working groups and networks of decision makers in the UK and abroad. She leads our Research and Policy programme, undertaking and coordinating research, providing technical advice to policy stakeholders, and creating opportunities for knowledge exchange.

Kate   is  an  experienced  policy  analyst  and  researcher.  Before   founding 

Kate Ferguson
Andy Fearn

Andy runs our Learning and Outreach programme. Working with schools, young people, marginalised communities, decision shapers in media and culture, and the wider UK public, the programme seeks to increase understanding of the processes that lead to prejudice and IBV, and to strengthen individual sense of responsibility. Andy also manages the monitoring and evaluation of Protection Approaches work.