Steering A Perilous Course

By Protection Approaches Director: Kate Ferguson

Published: Open Democracy 

January 14th 2015

The plight of refugees crossing the Mediterranean has increasingly shifted from being a cause for shared humanitarian concern to mere ammunition in domestic anti-immigration debate

Letter to party leaders on atrocity prevention

UK Civil Society Atrocity Prevention working group
Open Letter

November 12th 2019

Sudan is heading for atrocity once again. The UK government must not sit by

By Protection Approaches Co-Exec Director, Dr Kate Ferguson

Published:The Guardian

June 13th 2019

The risk of further massacres is rising, and a destabilised Sudan could attract Isis. But there is a window to prevent this

Identity-based violence in Sudan

Our Co-Exec Director, Dr Kate Ferguson, talks with Eddie Mair about the worrying situation in Sudan and how the UK can help prevent further escalations of identity-based violence (audio)

June 14th 2019

Civilian Protection in Burundi

"A country on the edge"

Briefing paper Vol. 2 No. 1

March 2nd 2016

Communities need to work together to stop prejudice

By Protection Approaches Co-Exec Director, Andy Fearn

Published: Evening Standard

September 18th 2019

Across London, people are talking about their experiences of prejudice and fears of growing social divides.

Pluralising the pillars: Europe's R2P

Dr Kate Ferguson's remarks at the 4th R2P Biennial International Conference, Ljubljana (audio)

May 9th 2019

Sudan in transition:

A window of hope?
Briefing paper  

June 12th 2019

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Photograph: Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan, Nina Constable

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Twenty-four years after the Srebrenica massacre, our leaders haven’t learned its lessons

By Protection Approaches Co-Exec Director, Dr Kate Ferguson

Published: New Statesman

July 11th 2019

Srebrenica, like the Holocaust, did not begin at the point of violence, but in the preceding decade where political leaderships and the media fanned the flames of populism.

Did President Trump Do The Right Thing?

By Protection Approaches Director: Kate Ferguson

Published: Huffington Post  UK

April 7th 2017

On Friday morning we woke to the news that President Trump sanctioned limited military action action against the Syrian regime. Was this the right thing to do?

Whatever happened to the spirit of learning Rwanda’s lessons?

By Protection Approaches Director: Kate Ferguson

Published: Open Democracy 

April 7th 2016

As we commemorate the Rwandan genocide, the promises of ‘never again’ look particularly bleak in 2016. How can these promises mean more in the future?

Things in Syria are getting worse - the world has to act

Joint op-ed by Protection Approaches Director, Kate Ferguson and Alex Buskie of UNA-UK

Published: New Statesman

November 5th 2015

Rumours of a commons vote on extending airstrikes against ISIL in Syria have dominated, and even distracted, UK political debate over Syria for months... it is time to focus on what the UK can do to help the Syrian people whose lives are at daily risk.

Refugee History:
The 1930s crisis and today

Occasional paper

December 2017

5 Principles for a Responsible Internationalist Policy on Syria

By Protection Approaches Director: Kate Ferguson

Published: Open Democracy 

October 14th 2015

A serious debate over whether the UK should deepen its engagement in Syria is beginning to take place and while more detail is needed before any of the proposals can be properly assessed, here are five core principles that any policy should abide by

Prejudice and Us

Perspectives on prejudice in West London today

Prejudice and Us series Vol.1

May 11th 2017

Other publications/media:

We need to arrest the rising tide of hate in the UK

By Protection Approaches Co-Exec Director, Dr. Kate Ferguson

Published: The Times

October 14th 2019

The responsibility to protect people from discrimination and violence is and must always be a shared one.

The Christchurch killings are the latest manifestation of a tide of hate

By Protection Approaches Co-Exec Director, Andy Fearn

Published: New Statesman

March 15th 2019

Hate-based attack is never spontaneous because hate is something constructed, learnt, and normalised. 

Myanmar: “A textbook example of ethnic cleansing”
How the UK can avoid a textbook response 

Briefing paper

First published: October 17th 2017

Updated: November 20th 2017

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