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identity-based violence

Reports and Publications

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Our Programmes

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Our Theory of Change

All our work at Protection Approaches is guided by our theory of change, which sets out the processes and developments that need to occur in order to achieve our vision of a world free from identity-based violence. All activities and programmes we undertake must fit within our theory of change, ensuring that everything we do is designed to move us closer to our vision..

Our Approach

Protection Approaches believes that if identity-based violence is to be eradicated then prediction, prevention, protection and justice (PPPJ) must be pursued by all states and their societies. We consider PPPJ to be shared human responsibilities that stretch from local communities to the most powerful global leaders.


We are working towards the PREVENTION of identity-based mass violence

We strive for the accurate PREDICTION of identity-based mass violence

We advocate for the PROTECTION of people at risk from identity-based mass violence

We believe JUSTICE is integral to building a world free from identity-based mass violence

The Problem

Every day around the world thousands of individuals are violently targeted because of their identity. Identity-based violence is perpetrated against people because of their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. Identity-based violence can be committed against one person or an entire group. Incidences of identity-mass violence constitute the most serious crimes of our world.