Help to end

identity-based violence

Mapping European responses to Identity-Based Violence

This consultation is hosted by Peace Direct through the Platform4Dialogue discussion platform.

From the 13th to the 15th of August, Protection Approaches will convene an online consultation, bringing together civil society, academics, community activists and campaigners from across Europe.

Europe is facing a prevention crisis. The rise in nationalist and exclusionary far-right politics across the continent is increasing discrimination, marginalisation, and persecution, and is threatening the fabric of Europe’s societies.

Europe can and should be a global leader in protecting populations from the threats of identity-based violence, including mass atrocities. This responsibility to prevent and to protect is as much the case within and at its own borders as in its contributions abroad. 

European civil society should likewise be leading by example, applying scrutiny to national and regional policymaking, and championing a bolder approach to prevention.

We aim to map how European civil society is responding to rising identity-based violence within the region, at its borders, and around the world. For full details, and to apply, please click below.

Deadline to register your interest 5 August 2019

Photo: Srebrenica Genocide Memorial