Help to end

identity-based violence

Protection Approaches offers school or college based workshops and assemblies led by experienced, professional  facilitators.

These workshops and assemblies provide a safe environment to debate sensitive and sometimes difficult issues around prejudice and extremism. They are designed to build resilience to division and radicalisation, and can therefore form part of a school or college's  'Prevent duty'.


By looking at historical and contemporary examples, the 45 - 90 minute classroom based workshop seeks to strengthen young people’s resistance to divisive rhetoric and radicalisation by helping them to recognise the processes that lead to prejudice, extremism and identity-based hatred. Through interactive exercises and role-play the students learn that anybody can be vulnerable to extremism when certain processes take place and that extremism is not a phenomena particular to any culture, region or religion.

Participants are shown that around the world there have always been people who have stood up against prejudice and extremism. Through a series of activities the students are encouraged to think about the motivations of individuals from history who rejected hatred and instead fought to protect the rights of others.

The young people are challenged to be critical thinkers who question divisive information and always try to recognise the processes that lead to division - making the active choice to stand up against them.


For some schools, assemblies are the best way to engage large numbers of students with the messages and lessons of the workshops. Because assemblies are generally held with many more students than the classroom-based workshops there is less individual interaction with each student, however we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure they are just as engaging.

The assemblies tend to focus on many of the same examples and activities as the workshops, however we understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to assemblies which is why we are flexible and tailor assemblies to your needs. We have experience running interactive assemblies lasting between 15 minutes to 90 minutes for anywhere between 50 to 400 students.

Why choose us:

Protection Approaches is a UK based non-profit organisation committed to the prevention of all forms of identity-based violence around the world. We are driven by the understanding that all prejudice and  extremism is  caused by the same recognisable processes.  By increasing a young person’s ability to recognise these processes we increase their resistance to them.

All our workshops and assemblies have been designed by Director Andy Fearn. Having designed and implemented national programmes in both the UK and Rwanda, Andy has a considerable amount of experience engaging young people around the world with issues of identity-based divisions. He has run hundreds of workshops and assemblies, helping thousands of young people become better equipped to reject prejudice and extremism.

All our facilitators are professionals trained to the highest standards to deliver the workshops and assemblies as well as to handle sensitive questions and situations. 

To book or find out more:

To book your workshops or assemblies or to find out more information about what we can offer  please get in touch:

Telephone: +44 (0) 7590 041949


We are determined that as many young people as possible should get the opportunity to explore the important issues raised by our workshops and assemblies.
As such we do our utmost to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum and that the workshops or assemblies are affordable to all schools or colleges who should want them.

In general we will ask for a donation to help cover some of our facilitator expenses and are always willing to discuss other options if there is no budget available whatsoever.

Whatever your need, get in touch and we will do all that we can to help!

Engaging, accessible and inspiring workshops with vitally important messages that made a big impact on the students. 

- Mick Keeling, teacher at Tuxford Academy